Inline CSS Test
About Inline CSS Test

Check your webpage HTML tags for inline CSS properties. Inline CSS property are added by using the style attribute within specific HTML tags. Inline CSS properties unnecessarily increase page size, and can be moved to an external CSS stylesheet. Removing inline CSS properties can improve page loading time and make site maintenance easier.

It is a good practice to move all the inline CSS rules into an external file in order to make your page "lighter" in weight and decrease the code to text ratio.

  • check the HTML code of your page and identify all style attributes
  • for each style attribute found you must properly move all declarations in the external CSS file and remove the style attribute
For example:
  <!--this HTML code with inline CSS rule:-->
  <p style="color:red; font-size: 12px">some text here</p>

  <!--would became:-->
  <p>some text here</p>

  <!--and the rule added into your CSS file:-->
  p{color:red; font-size: 12px}